I just want a scene a little while after
Malia finds out that Peter is her father
where she just casually bumps into
Derek and says “excuse me, cuz.” And
Derek’s initial reaction is a scowl but
then he can’t help himself from smiling because she’s family.

  • Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?
  • Me: Dylan O'Brien's hair. It's out of control.


*makes the incorrect facial expression way too often during a conversation*

"Cutie, I’m gonna keep you."
Stiles Stilinski to Deputy Parrish, probably.
  • Me: What? I wasn't laughing.
  • My brother: Well you were smiling out loud then.


ìt’s weird how I haven’t become really invested in the fandom of any of the other shows I watch

like why this barely-makes-sense campy teen show about werewolves that sometimes thinks it’s a serious horror mystery series, of all things?

The kids of the future will learn the days of the week in English by memorizing:
Selfie Sunday
Man Crush Monday
Transformation Tuesday
Woman Crush Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Flashback Friday
Selfie Saturday

I leave for vacation this Saturday.
I need to get in the vacation spirit…
*watches Pikachu’s vacation*

Stiles makes his way to Derek and, with no prior words, asks
“So I’m just a hyperactive spaz to you?
Didn’t seem to mind my energy when I
carried you in the pool that one time.”
“Stiles, of course you’re
not just a hyperactive spaz to me.” Derek says cautiously, not totally sure
where this is going.
“Okay what else am I?” Stiles asks while tapping his foot impatiently.
“Well, right now? With all these
questions? You’re annoying, mostly.”
Stiles’s glare makes him continue
“…but you have good qualities. You
actually do mean a lot to me. Not sure
what I would do without you
sometimes— I mean you and Scott.
Both. Together. As a unit. You both
mean a lot to me.”
Stiles bites down on his traitorous lips
for wanting to smile and says
“Same here, big guy. Except I won’t
mention Scott. I can tell him how I
much he means to me later.” He winks
at Derek and walks off.