Staying in New Jersey for the night.
We saw gas for $3.03 here which is
20 cents less than where I got gas last.

"God, you tasted so fucking wrong."
A 6 word story
Right before the encore :)

Right before the encore :)

There ain’t no rest for the wicked, til we close our eyes for good ✌

Kiss me stupid? Nah kiss me smart.
I want to pass my math class.

"We were pieces that didn’t fit."
A 6 word story

So I went a little shorter than last time.


writing deep things on your cigarettes like “die young” or “why did they change aunt vivian halfway through fresh prince of bel air like did they think no one would notice”

In my first semester college English
class I had gotten a 97 on a paper and I
was happy until I saw one of the points
taken off was because my professor
thought “fellowshipping” wasn’t a word.
I knew for a fact it was so I asked her to double check and she clearly thought
she was right and that I should be
happy with my 97 but then she double
checked and I was right. The next week
she asked us how our weekend was
and I told her that I had a nice weekend
fellowshipping with my friends.

Sterek ficlets are my weakness right now.